Buying A Star?

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Buying A Star?

The Hampshire Astronomical Group is, from time to time, asked by members of the public to view "their star" which they have purchased through a star registry company. The Group is acutely aware that sometimes these stars have been "purchased" in memory of a loved one and consequently there is a lot of emotion associated with this request.

Our experience is that these stars are often so faint that they are not visible even through our most powerful telescopes and this can leave those requesting a look at the star, extremely disappointed and on some occasions upset and we are left feeling, by association, responsible for the distress.

We ask members of the public wishing to purchase such astronomical objects to see the comment regarding such practices on the International Astronomical Union’s website. The IAU is the official organisation responsible for naming astronomical bodies.

Please follow the link below.

In view of the above, we hope you will understand the reasons why we will not accommodate requests to view 'purchased' stars whatever the reason for the 'purchase' of the star.