The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Bronze Award Information

The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award


Bronze Award

This is the introductory level with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Science and Technology Skills astronomy award.

This level will give you a good foundation on which to build if you wish to study for the silver or gold awards.

The Bronze Award runs from September to December. We will expect about 2 hours of study per week on the Bronze Award level. Most, if not all of the information you require can be found in popular astronomy and space science books available from the library and on the internet.

We strongly advise against cutting and pasting from the internet. This is known as plagiarism and will not be accepted by us.

We are quite happy if you write short notes or paragraphs and include your own drawings. What is important to us is that you understand what you present to us, rather than presenting us with lots of writing which is not understood by you.

Remember, we do not require an essay; simple short, neat notes are perfectly acceptable to us.


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