The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Gold Award Information

The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award


Gold Award

This is the final level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Science and Technology Skills Astronomy Award. It is intended to bring together the information that you have gained from your work in the Bronze and Silver awards.

The format for this module is different from the previous ones, in that it involves a single project. The aim is to allow you to focus on one specific area of astronomy which has particularly interested you during your studies. This study must be your own work, with appropriate references to material used.

You will be linked to an astronomer in the Group with an interest in your chosen subject and, together, you will plan a timetable for your study. It is recognised that this will need to fit in with college studies if necessary.

Contact will be through e mail and telephone for students living at some distance from the Clanfield Observatory but you are encouraged, if possible, to meet with your link person at the observatory periodically.


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