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Photographs and Images by our Members

Meteors and Asteroids 

Images of meteors and asteroids taken by HAG members 

Images of meteors taken with the meteor cameras at the Observatory, and images of asteroids and meteors taken by members. 

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Photos: 11
Latest Photo: 19th Jun 2020
Photograph: Plot of all Meteors Observed from Clanfield 2012-20
Photograph: Perseid Meteor
Photograph: Fireball in the NW Sky at 03:16:54 UT
Photograph: Radio Scatter Detection of Fireball
Photograph: Luminosity Spectrum of the March 17th Fireball
Photograph: Perseid over Andromeda
Photograph: Perseid meteor
Photograph: A Capricornid on the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower
Photograph: Asteroid 2012 DA14
Photograph: Perseid Meteor
Photograph: Asteroid_2005WJ56b


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