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Miscellaneous images 

This gallery is for all the images which do not fit into other categories. 

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Photos: 66
Latest Photo: 29th May 2021
Photograph: 5
Photograph: Sirius Twinkling
Photograph: Ray Bootland Memorial Lecture 2019
Photograph: Pole Star Trails
Photograph: Sirius
Photograph: The Loop
Photograph: Curtain Circle
Photograph: Sunset at Clanfield Observatory
Photograph: April Sundown
Photograph: Sun over the dome
Photograph: April Sunset
Photograph: Noctilucent Clouds
Photograph: Star Trails
Photograph: Solar Pillar Sunset
Photograph: Sun Halo
Photograph: Sun Halo
Photograph: PSN J15044078+1237436.
Photograph: PSN J14372160+3634018
Photograph: Moon, Venus & Mars
Photograph: Moon Halo & Jupiter
Photograph: NGC337 and SN2014cx
Photograph: The Milky Way over Pekri gorge in South Eastern Crete
Photograph: Nova in Delphinus 2013
Photograph: Family day at the observatory!
Photograph: Venus in La Palma, Spain
Photograph: Milky Way Composite
Photograph: Milky Way Over Gran Canaria Telescope, La Palma, 2km ASL
Photograph: Milky Way Over La Palma
Photograph: Aurora from the Ice Hotel inside the Arctic Circle
Photograph: NGC 869 & NGC 884 - The Double Cluster in Perseus
Photograph: Brocchi's Cluster - Coathanger Asterism
Photograph: Sun Halo
Photograph: Observatory and Windmill Hill
Photograph: Aurora Borealis + Jupiter
Photograph: Aurora Borealis
Photograph: Aurora Borealis + M45 + Hyades
Photograph: Winter Solstice
Photograph: Albireo - Double Star
Photograph: Noctilucent Clouds
Photograph: SN 2009jr
Photograph: Supernova SN 2009jr
Photograph: Iridium Flare
Photograph: Noctilucents
Photograph: Notilucent Clouds
Photograph: Supernova SN 2009M
Photograph: 16 Inch Dome & Orion
Photograph: Supernova SN 2008ij    NGC 6643
Photograph: Iridium Flare
Photograph: Image of OJ287
Photograph: Royal Greenwich Observatory
Photograph: Supernova SN2008S
Photograph: Observing the Moon
Photograph: William Herschel Telescope
Photograph: Midnight Sun
Photograph: Noctilucent Clouds
Photograph: Prague Observatory
Photograph: Planets Without
Photograph: alignwithout.jpg
Photograph: alignwith.jpg
Photograph: deneb.jpg
Photograph: cluster.jpg
Photograph: hag_sun_dg.jpg
Photograph: ecleagle.jpg
Photograph: smilkyway.jpg
Photograph: Stargazer
Photograph: aurora.jpg


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