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Remote Scopes 

Remote-Controlled Telescope images 

Images taken with remote-controlled telescopes from various locations around the world. These differ from other images as the scopes are often maintained professionally and controlled via the Internet. 

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Photos: 36
Latest Photo: 9th Mar 2018
Photograph: M46 open cluster in Puppis with planetary nebula NGC2438
Photograph: M97
Photograph: NGC 2070 - Tatantula Nebula in Dorado (C103)
Photograph: IC 1848 - Soul Nebula
Photograph: IC 1805 - Heart Nebula
Photograph: M45 - The Pleiades
Photograph: M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Photograph: NGC7293 - Helix Nebula
Photograph: Flame and Horsehead Nebulae in Orion (NGC2024 and IC434)
Photograph: M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy
Photograph: M20, Trifid nebula in Sagittarius
Photograph: M27
Photograph: IC 2944 (Caldwell 100) - Lambda Centauri Nebula
Photograph: NGC 3372 - Eta Carinae Nebula
Photograph: Omega Centauri
Photograph: Centaurus A galaxy
Photograph: C/2014 Q2 - Comet Lovejoy
Photograph: C11, Bubble Nebula
Photograph: M8 consisting of NGC6530 Bright Star Cluster and NGC6523 Lagoon
Photograph: M16 - Eagle Nebula
Photograph: Rho Ophiuchi Star Clouds
Photograph: Pillars of Creation
Photograph: NGC2174 - Monkey Head in Orion
Photograph: Leo Triplet of Galaxies
Photograph: Supernova SN2014J in M82
Photograph: Flame and Horsehead Nebulae in Orion
Photograph: Orion Nebula Region
Photograph: Saturn
Photograph: Saturn
Photograph: M 42
Photograph: M81
Photograph: Running Man Nebula  NGC 1977
Photograph: Jupiter
Photograph: Pluto
Photograph: M 10
Photograph: Jupiter


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