PSN J15044078+1237436. 

Photograph By:

©Ron Arbour 

Date Taken:

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 

Equipment Used:

The apparent supernova in the galaxy NGC5837 on an unfiltered CCD image taken on 2015 06 16.0281 U.T. using a 35cm f/6 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope and SXVF H9 ccd camera in the course of his supernova patrol. 


The object was also recorded on several subsequent images to a limiting unfiltered magnitude of about 18.8. Precise position: 15h 04m 40.78s +12° 37' 43.6" (2000). Offsets from galaxy: 3" E 16" S Mag. 17.53V (unfiltered)