Kronberger 61 

Photograph By:

© Peter Goodhew 

Date Taken:

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 

Equipment Used:

APM TMB 152 F8 LZOS, 10 Micron GM2000HPS, QSI6120ws8 


Kronberger 61 (Kn 61). also known as the Soccer Ball nebula, is a recently-discovered planetary nebula in the constellation of Cygnus. It was discovered in January 2011 by Mattias Kronberger, who is a member of the amateur group Deep Sky Hunters. It is very small (diameter of 104 arcsecs). It is barely visible on the second Palomar Optical Sky Survey (POSS-II) blue plate scan, suggesting a surface brightness well below magnitude 25 per square arcsecond - and at an estimated distance of 13,000 light years (1). It is a highly filamentary bubble with a high expansion velocity of 67.6 km/second. A crude kinematic age for the bubble yields 16,000 years (2). (1)