Sun Spots 

Photograph By:

© 2002 Sol Invictus/HJP Arnold  

Date Taken:

Saturday, 27 July 2002 

Equipment Used:

A 2X Barlow lens was fitted to a 178mm f/9 Starfire refractor with an Inconel filter in place. A Nikon D1 digital camera was used for the exposure which lasted for 1/100th of a second.  


Although well past the period of nominal maximum, as 2002 July moved towards its close the Sun displayed intense activity. On July 23, the largest of four flares recorded over the course of a week was reported. A major flare associated with a coronal mass ejection followed late on July 26 and two days later scientists at Boulder, Colorado announced that the sunspot count had reached its highest value for over a year. Weather over the UK was extremely variable over that period but the images reproduced here record some of the activity. The colour image was recorded in white light on July 27 at 15.17UT.