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The Hampshire Astronomical Group is from time to time asked to support events organised and hosted by another organisation. Such events often are described as 'star parties'. In such circumstances the Hampshire Astronomical Group is usually asked to provide a number of telescopes and astronomers, and to staff them at an evening outdoor event. On other occasions a presence at an indoor event with telescopes, meteorites and computer demonstrations are sometimes requested.

The Hampshire Astronomical Group will always try to accommodate such requests, but we will need to balance the needs of our volunteers against the many requests we receive during the autumn, winter and spring seasons.

If your organisation is requesting such outreach support from the Hampshire Astronomical Group, please complete the Request for Outreach Support form below, and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs. Requesting organisations do need to give us plenty of notice, and we request that 6 weeks notice should be the absolute minimum given. Completing this request is not a guarantee that we can meet the request as it will be solely dependent on the availability of our volunteer members. When completing the form it is helpful to us to give us as much information about the event as possible.

As members of the Hampshire Astronomical Group will be volunteering their own time to support you and often bringing their own personal equipment, we will expect the requesting organisation to provide liability cover for our personnel and their equipment and an offer to cover mileage expenses for the individuals attending.

If you wish to discuss this in advance of completing the request form, please contact the Chairman (details on Contact page)


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