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Donating Equipment to Our Group

Donation of Telescopes to the Hampshire Astronomical Group

There are times when members of the public or ex-members wish to consider the donation of equipment to the Hampshire Astronomical Group. We are mindful that any donation can be associated with a difficult event on behalf of the equipment donor such as a death or illness which forces the relinquishing of the telescope/equipment to the Group we are sensitive to these potentially difficult circumstances.

We always endeavour to use donated equipment to its maximum capability within the fixed resources available to the Group so that more people can access astronomy and the beauty of the night sky. In order for this to be achieved, we may either hold equipment on site for use at the observatory or loan such equipment out to members for their use at home in order to provide those individuals with greater access to the night sky.

There are occasions however, when we may strip equipment down and rebuild in order to bring it up to modern standards. In such cases the donated equipment may no longer look like the item donated but may still contain the ‘heart’ of the equipment – often the lenses and engineering. There will also be occasions where we may eventually sell or donate equipment where this is the best course of action for the Group and in order to get the equipment back into use through other organisations or people.

We hope you will appreciate that any donated equipment will be utilised by the Group in one or more of the above methods dependent upon the resources and demand for equipment at the time.

You can keep track of the activities of the Group by visiting our web site or becoming either an Associate or Full Member.

If you wish to discuss donating equipment with an officer of the Group please contact:


Graham Bryant, Chairman
Hampshire Astronomical Group