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Educational Day-Trips to the Observatory

School and Club Visits

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Our Education Co-ordinator can arrange visits to the Hampshire Astronomical Group's Observatory for all schools, colleges, universities and other organisations. Conducted by a team of volunteer HAG members, you will receive a comprehensive guided tour of the Observatory and, weather permitting, get to see some of the 'wonders of the night sky'through our large telescopes. This is followed by a short slide presentation/film show in the Group's fully facilitated clubroom. On-site car parking is available.

Day-time visits can be arranged where we are able to observe the SUN, viewing sunspots and prominences, through our telescopes which have special safe filters . We also demonstrate how to view the Sun safely at home, using projection methods.

There is a small fee charged - currently £5 per child, £10 per adult - allowing a maximum of 32 persons per visit which are held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. We also permit three adult helpers free for each youth group to assist us with supervision. If you are arranging a group visit, you should also view our helpful Safety Information, which contains useful advice on how to prepare for your visit to the observatory. You are welcome to print off the information if you wish.

For all organised group visits please contact :

Other Public visits are conducted once a month, usually on a Saturday evening, details of which are available on our Open Days page.

 If you wish for the Hampshire Astronomical Group to pay a visit your school/scout hut etc. with telescopes for a 'star party' or an observing type of event, please make your request through the Outreach page.

We also run an Astronomy for Beginners adult education class at the observatory on Monday evenings, from 7.15 to 9.15pm, during the winter and spring terms - for details please see the above link.

Please ensure you have read, and agree to, our Terms and Conditions before your visit.