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Public Speakers For Hire

The Hampshire Astronomical Group has amongst its members, a number of skilled speakers who are willing to make themselves available for booking for your event or organisation. You will find a short CV and list of topics they are willing to cover in their talk/presentation as well as the distance they are willing to travel to provide their talk.


Steve Broadbent

Steve Broadbent BSc FRAS
Chairman of Hampshire Astronomical Group.
Member of the BAA and elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2014.

Retired from the University of Portsmouth. Initially a chemist, undertook research into reaction mechanisms. Ran a spectroscopy laboratory and lectured in computational chemistry and programming. Latterly moved into computer systems management.

Offers mentorship to final year BSc Students from the University of Portsmouth whilst they are undertaking final year projects related to astronomy or the equipment at the Clanfield Observatory. Member of the observatory instrument team and also the training team which offers training on the use of all the telescope facilities at the observatory.

Gives regular talks to the Hampshire Astronomical Group including "Constellation of the Month" as well as talks on specific interest areas such as astronomical spectroscopy and individual astronomical observatories. Gives frequent talks at observatory public open evenings.

An example of some of the talks that can be given. All talks are aimed at the general popular introductory level. More technical talks can be provided upon request.

Topics covered / Talks available:

  • Clanfield Observatory - Our Telescopes and What We Do
  • The Night Sky Today (using Stellarium planetarium software)
  • The Life and Death of Stars
  • Astronomical Spectroscopy
  • The most unusual stars : Wolf-Rayet stars
  • Planetary Nebulae - Jewels of the Night Sky
  • "The Colour of Light" - and how astronomers use it
  • The Constellations (or one of your choice)
  • Telescopes large and small, Types, Examples and Comparison
  • The VLT (Very Large Telescope) array in Chile
  • Galaxies: Types and how to observe them
  • If any organisation wants anything different from the above list, please ask.

Max travel distance: 100 miles from Portsmouth

Contact email: