Hampshire Astronomical Group

Celebrating 50 years (1960 - 2010)

Clubroom & Workshop

This is the Group's support building.

The support building, built largely by members of the Group was constructed between 1989 and 1992, prior to which, members had to make do with an old British Telecom mobile exchange van as a meeting point.

The suppport building is the central meeting place for the Group, and provides an excellent location from which Group members can exchange information and share results obtained from their observing, as well as a refuge allowing them to warm themselves up during a cold night’s observing run on many of the Group’s telescopes.

The support building is also the focal point when the Group hosts visits from interested parties and during the many open evenings throughout the year.

The support building is heated and benefits from comfortable seating. A small kitchenette is available where members can make hot drinks; the building also has toilet facilities. Internet access is also available in the support building and is extended to most domes.

Adjacent to the support building is the Group’s workshop where repairs and upgrades can be made to telescopes and ancilliary equipment.

The support building and site are also covered by remotely monitored CCTV system and alarm system.

Afixed to the support building is a weather station which feeds data to this website.

In addition there are two meteor cameras fixed to the north and south gable ends respectively.

These meteor cameras operate 365 nights per year and in addition to imaging many meteors, and satellites they are also capturing interesting weather phenomena. These cameras have also images several ‘sprites’ – electrical discharges high in the atmosphere and associated with electrical storms.

These images are sent to Bath University for use in radar and atmospheric research.