Hampshire Astronomical Group

Celebrating 50 years (1960 - 2010)

Observatory Tour.

Situated at Hinton Heights, on the Portsmouth Water Company's reservoir at the top of Hinton Manor Lane, is the Clanfield Observatory. Owned and operated by the Hampshire Astronomical Group, the observatory has for over thirty years been the focus of the group's activities and a local landmark. The picture below shows the layout of the complex including the five domes currently on site and the group's support building.


Hover your mouse over the structures to find out what they are, and click on them to see detailed information about them.


Please note: You can only visit our site by prior arrangement, either on one of our open evenings, as part of a group visit, or at the personal invitation of one of our members.

Our site is monitored by CCTV for the purposes of crime prevention and the safety of our members and visitors.


12 Inch Dome

12 Inch Dome

This dome is privately owned. It houses a 12-inch f5.5 Newtonian reflector designed for imaging.

16 Inch Dome

16 Inch Dome

This dome houses our 16 inch f4.5 Deep Sky telescope, which is computer controlled.

24 inch dome

24 Inch Dome

The 24 Inch (612 mm) f7.9 Ritchey-Chrétien reflector is the Group’s largest instrument.

5 inch dome

5 Inch Dome

The oldest of our telescopes are housed in this dome. The scopes used to be clockwork driven!

7 inch dome

7 Inch Dome

This fantastic telescope is the favourite amongst members for astronomical imaging.



Our support building that acts as our main social meeting point.

Entrance Gate

When you visit, look for our entrance gates, and the friendly member who will welcome you and direct you to the right place.

Human Sundial

This sundial uses your body as the gnomon when you stand in the right place, so your shadow shows the time.

Car Park

Our car park is provided for visitors and members to use when on site.