Hampshire Astronomical Group

Celebrating 50 years (1960 - 2010)

Where We Are

Please use the interactive map below to help you locate us. We are just off Hinton Manor Lane, Clanfield.

If you prefer a more traditional map layout, click the Map button in the top-left corner. The plus and minus signs in the bottom-right corner let you zoom in and out of the map, so you can see more or less of the surrounding area. If you wish to slide the map around, to see different parts of the surrounding area, just click and drag on the map itself.

Our geographic location:

Decimal notation : Latitude 50.93882 deg , Longitude -1.019663 deg
Traditional notation: Latitude 50deg 56mins 20secs North, Longitude 1deg 1mins 11sec West

The nearest postcode is PO8 0QR, and the observatory is located approx. 500 yards up the hill from the houses found at this postcode.