Hampshire Astronomical Group

Celebrating 50 years (1960 - 2010)

24" Dome

Previous 24 Inch Telescope (now decommissioned).

The 24-inch f4.75 reflector is the group's largest instrument and has recently undergone major refurbishment. This telescope is driven by stepper motors to give accurate drive rates, enable long-exposure astrophotography either through the telescope (at Newtonian focus) or using the 'piggy-back' method.

Two-inch eyepieces are used with this instrument and the group has an extensive range of 2-inch eyepieces specifically for this telescope. These give extremely wide, flat fields and complement the fast optics of the telescope.



This telescope has been fitted with an AWR drive system enabling “Goto” and accurate pointing and tracking of a full range of targets. The scope can also be used with PCs enabling star field and object recognition and long exposures via special CCD Cameras.

The Console has recently been upgraded enabling full telescope, camera and dome control from the one position.

24 Inch Dome after repainting in 2011

The 24 inch telescope was decommisioned in March 2014 to be replaced with a new 24 Inch (612 mm) f7.9 Richie Chretien reflector.